Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Pictures

Finally, recent pictures of our son. What a sweetie he is and how blessed we are to get such a perfect little guy! We cannot wait to meet him on July 14th. Natalie especially loves the picture of Nicolas picking the flowers because that is one of her favorite past times. Soon we will be posting pictures of all 4 of us.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

How Big is he Really?!?

Yesterday we received a new medical update on Nicolas. He is 34 lbs and 40 in tall. Not too bad for a 3 yr old. He is 5 lbs heavier than Natalie and 1.5 in taller, so just about the same height and weight for being 10 months apart. At least we have a start on what size clothes to get him, so we are off to shop today. The rest of his medical was great. He is normal and healthy from all aspects. It said that he likes to ride a bike (with training wheels) and he loves to play with the other kids in the foster family and he loves to share his snacks. That's a good thing, because Natalie loves to share her snacks.

It won't be long until we have our son, and brother and sister will be together. I guess then the fun begins. :) Right!?!? Two is better than one . . . .isn't it?!?!? We can't wait!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

We have our TA

We got the call today to say the we have our Travel Authority. We will be getting our son on July 14th, GOTCHA DAY 2009. The process is really quick. We are told we need to be there on 7/13 and we can head home on 7/16. Once we finalize travel we will let you know. Nicolas, here we come!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

How Our Journey Began

I wanted to add a post to let you know how this journey started. We adopted our beautiful daughter Natalie from Jiangxi, China in 2005 and had one of the best experiences of our life. After completing an adoption you have to wait 1 year before you start the process again. That was a good time frame for us because we wanted to make sure that was what we wanted to do again. Before the year was up, we decided that was the route we were going again because we didn't want Natalie to be an only child. We put our paperwork in the China chase and we were logged in on 1/31/07. But the wait kept getting longer and longer and we weren't getting any younger so we decided to start looking on the waiting children sites. In July 2008, within weeks of asking for any listing, our Agency sent us a couple of boys to review. One had more SN than what we were ready for and the other one didn't have any. Besides the fact that he also had some similarity features like Natalie we were smitten. This little boy was from Taiwan, an island off the coast of China. Taiwan's process is a little different from the China process, which, to our surprise, was less painful. We submitted our name in August 2008, sent a letter to the mother and some pictures and waited for the mother to choose. On Sept 30, 2008, we got the call. We were chosen to be Chia-En's parents. We were over the moon with excitement. At that time, we were told the process would be 4-6 months. Needless to say, here we are 9 months later and we still don't have our precious son. BUT, we are much closer and we have learned that waiting is not necessarily a bad thing. And hopefully, as you can see from earlier posts, we will get our TA this week.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Baby Pictures

Here is our son when he was a baby. We were fortunate enough to get these pictures in January. Isn't he the cutest?? Hopefully, we will get some 3 yr old pictures before we go get him.
Introducing Nicolas Joseph Poche'. This is the very first picture we received of Nicolas (Chia-En) when we started this Taiwan adoption. In the mean time we did get more pictures, but they were baby pictures, which I will post soon. He is 3 years old and waiting for us in Taipei. We got word this week that we could go get him as soon as July 5th, but we won't know for sure until, hopefully, this coming week.