Tuesday, October 20, 2009


We extended our Gotcha Day celebration for another weekend. Kevin, Krista, Cameron and Kennedy Thompson were in town on vacation so we got to spend some time with them. We met Kevin and Krista in China and their little Jiangxi beauty is a month younger than Natalie. Jen and Tyra DiMatteo also decided to come visit us again so that we could get as many girls together as possible. The Millers were going to try and come but couldn't make it. What is amazing about all of our girls is that they get along sooo well. Each time they get together they just fall into a routine of playing non-stop until they drop or it is time to part. Natalie, Tyra and Kennedy had so much fun playing all afternoon while us adults could catch up. We were all trying to plan our big celebration for next year since on 10/10/10 will be our 5 yr Gotcha Day anniversary. We really want as many families as possible so we are trying to make it easy for everyone. We can't wait. This week we also tried to catch up with the Jensen's who were in town from Utah, but our work schedules wouldn't allow. We missed Grace, part of the 10 Fu sisters, but we were thinking of all of them and hoping they had fun in Orlando, since the weather is so beautiful this week.
3 Beauty Fu sisters
Krista, Cameron, Kennedy and Kevin

Playing Elefun!

They played in this hoola hoop most of the day. .
Kennedy, Krista, Natalie, Jen & Tyra


Another fun weekend at Se*world. We were joined by Natalie's FU sister, Tyra and her mom Jen. The kids had a blast, as you can see by the pictures. They got lots of candy and posed for lots of pictures. What was great about this day was that the weather was finally cooler than they have been. It was in the 70's, but did get a little nippy by 530pm when we went to watch the Shamu show. Thank goodness we sat in the section I suggested, right Jen?, because Shamu was kickin' it to the right side of the stadium. It was a great day, great weather and great friends.

Tyra and Nick with Shamu

They love each other
Dancing and grooving

Nick loves his ice cream

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Saturday was a duel celebration day. First we celebrated Nicolas' 4th birthday and then we celebrated our 4th Gotcha Day anniversary. We cannot believe we have had our Asian beauties for 4 years now. We didn't do a whole lot of anything except hang out and enjoy each other's company and let the girls play. This year we got to celebrate with the Millers and DiMatteos and since they live out of town it was so much fun having them stay with us. The girls played so well together and when Nicolas wasn't playing with Austin he was playing with the girls and they didn't seem to mind. When they dressed up as princesses he dressed up as superheros. It was nice just spending time with Brighid, Jason and Jen. When we got up on Sunday we made breakfast and headed out to the Pumpkin Patch. The kids were going for the small one and us adults were going for the large ones. But . . it was way too hot for that today. It was in the 90's. Yikes!! Next weekend we get to catch up with another family we traveled to China with, so stay tuned for more Gotcha Day celebration pictures.

Nicolas' 4th Birthday Party

This was our first birthday we got to celebrate with Nicolas so it was a very special birthday and a very exciting day for him. All he wanted to do was to swim all day, but we got him to participate in the birthday celebrations. We celebrated with great friends and family and all done in the Spiderman-way. He will actually turn 4 on the 12th of October.

Nicolas doing what he loves - swimming
The cake looks awesome and tasted awesome.
Making a wish!
A family portrait.
Love this smile!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Trick or Treating at Se*world

Posing with the Witches

Love this pictures

Today was the first day of Se*world's Spooktacular and we were there. Natalie, Nicolas and I met up with Yadira and Norma and their girls. All of the kids had a great time and we did too. This was Nicolas' first time trick or treating and he got the hang of it at the first candy bin. I think he was the cutest Spiderman and Natalie was the cutest Princess. Nick also enjoyed getting his picture taken with just about every Spooktacular character there was. It was a fun filled day for the kids but it was very hot so we came home and hit the pool. Nice!!