Sunday, March 21, 2010


So, our little guy had to go in for his first surgery on Friday, March 19th, and what a little trooper he was. Because his teeth were not taken care of in Taiwan his mouth was a mess, according to his dentist. The dentist thought it would be best if we put him in the hospital to have all his teeth done at once instead of having multiple appointments and his pediatrician agreed. So, he went in at 8am and didn't get home until 2pm, doing well, but minus 5 teeth. The dentist could not save those five, 2 front teeth. But he looks so cute without his two front teeth. But let me tell you this kid is working it. Joe and I are trying to get him to eat good food, soft food of course, but everytime we try to give him applesauce or eggs or soup, his belly is too full. When you ask him what he wants it is chocolate ice cream that mommy bought for him. He has learned to work the system. You can't help falling in love with his new $3000 smile. We are so proud of him because he has not cried much at all having had gone through what he has. Natalie, on the other hand has had a rough weekend because she had her two front teeth built up and the nerves covered because her teeth were so weak. The poor thing does not like her new teeth because they feel funny. Hopefully, they will fall out sooner than later and Nick's will come in sooner than later. We are so very blessed with our babies.

Nick putting his own band on

Nick filling out his own paperwork. :)

After surgery

Heading home . . . .

Sunday, March 14, 2010


This is what Nick was doing while the girls were skating.
Natalie & Rebekah and their new skating friend

Natalie started ice skating lessons yesterday at the RDV. For those of you who have not been to the RDV sports complex, it is amazing and so close to the house. So, for 8 weeks Natalie will be trying out the sport of ice skating. Who knows she could be the next Kristi Yamaguchi. :) So, her and her friend Rebekah are taking lessons at the same time but not with the same teacher. Both teachers were saying how well the two beauties did and that was no exaggeration. Yesterday was the only the second time that Natalie and Rebekah have been on ice skates and when it came time for free skate the two of them took off to skate around the rink by themselves. They both did their share of falling, but it was too cute. When they fell they just got right back up and skated some more. Before they did get on the ice the teachers taught them how to fall and get back up. They are both excited to go back again next week - good thing. :) Besides Marybeth and I have time to catch up while they are skating.

Doing great!

She learned how to get up and did looked too cute.

Natalie & Rebekah with Miss Lauren - Natalie's teacher

Notice the hands are out, just like she was taught