Monday, August 23, 2010


Today was the first day of school here in Orlando and it was very emotional. Both Natalie and Nicolas started school, Nick in VPK and Natalie in Kindergarten. They both went to their classrooms like it was nothing, but that wasn't how mom saw it. Nick was easy because he was at the same school last year when Natalie was in VPK. And we love Glad Tidings and his teacher, Miss Victoria, is awesome. As you can see from the pictures, he was very excited to start his day. I have to say thanks to my neighbors because some were going through the same thing or they had been there and done that. What started my crying was the thought of putting my baby girl on the school bus. She won't get to ride the bus every day, but since Mom was home I thought it would be a treat. She very quickly bonded with Eva, Danielle (the cake lady's) daughter. Once they were on the bus Danielle and I followed the bus to the school and met them when they got off the bus. I was glad to see that a teacher had taken Natalie's hand right away until I got there, she is such a peanut in a big bag. We walked to her class, Natalie, Sammy and Eva are all in portables next to each other. And thank goodness there was AC today, there wasn't any on Thursday during meet the teacher. Natalie went in and sat down and started to color with 2 other little girls. Hence, another breakdown watching my baby grow up.

After all was settled a group of us moms went to our boo-hoo breakfast and had a great time swapping stories and getting more info.

Pretty soon it will be time to get Natalie off the bus and Nick from his first day of VPK. Can't wait to hear about their days.

Our babies, growing up
Nick in his assigned seat

Nick in front of his class

Natalie at the bus stop

Natalie and Eva in dresses their moms made

Diva and her backpack

Sammy, Natalie & Eva on the bus. I had to call Natalie's name to see her. The seats are so high,

Natalie and 2 schoolmates