Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CHINA HOTEL - My Favorite

When we were in China getting our beautiful daughter, we stayed at this awesome hotel. I just found out this week that the hotel was imploded and is no more. It held alot of memories for us and our China group and I am sure many others because it was a hotel that many adoptive families stayed in while in China. I will remember the many hours walking Natalie around and around the hotel floor and the fun baby block parties we had with the other families and the beautiful park right outside the hotel driveway. We spent a week there before we moved onto
Guanghou to finalize the adoptions. Memories.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chinese New Year Eve

Today was our Chinese Lessons and it was a great class for the kids. Since tomorrow is Chinese New Year, the year of the Tiger, the teacher did alot of fun lessons with the kids. She read a Chinese New Year book about the celebrations, they colored a Chinese dragon, they traced the words for a Good Luck Chinese Scroll, they ate Chinese snacks, they made hong se longe (red chinese dragons) and got red envelopes to take home. For us adults it was fun to watch the excitement of the Chinese people about this holiday. Miss Christina, the teacher, has such a great way to teach the kids chinese. I am even learning some, which I can hopefully pass on to our friends, the D'Aurias when they go to Taiwan.

XIN NIAN KUAI LE! (Happy New Year!)

Nicolas' dragon
Natalie's Dragon
Miss Christina giving Natalie her red envelope after she says xin nian kuai le
Miss Christina giving Nicolas his red envelope after he says xian nian kuai le