Sunday, May 16, 2010


Saturday was the last day of Chinese classes for this year. And we were very lucky to have joined the school this year because this celebration not only included the end of the year celebration with the classes doing their own thing, but it was also the celebration of the school being around for 30 years. Can you believe that? Such an awesome accomplishment. Some of the students have been there for 15 years. I have met some amazing parents through this school also because these parents either want their adopted children to stay close to their culture or they want their children to keep their culture. Looking forward to next year because the kids will be one year older and can participate in the cultural programs like folk dancing or yo-yo.

Natalie's class singing the colors song in Chinese
Nicolas' class singing a duck song. Cute!

Natalie and her class with Lasher - Miss Christina

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Mommy's Day weekend 2010 was such a great weekend. We went to the beach for the weekend with Joe's mom & dad and we all had a relaxing fun time. We headed to Clearwater and enjoyed Indian Rocks Beach, some place we have never been. For dinner we went to Quaker Steak and Lube, and it was the best wing place I have ever been to. Such a great kid friendly restaurant with the best wings, . . .did I say that already. Dang, they had such good wings! We will definitely go back because it is the only one in Florida. Most of their restaurants are in PA and Ohio. Saturday was such a beautiful day for the beach, as you can see by the pixs. The kids had fun with their boogie boards and just playing in the sand. When we got home on Sunday we enjoyed a nice relaxing day and the bestest MOM brownies I ever had. Thanks to Nana & Papa, my wonderful husband and my great kids for such a great weekend.

Mommy brownies
Mommy's favorite kiss

Surfer girl!

Nick couldn't stay off his "cars" phone

Sissy, I will help you up!

Ok, Nick I will help you this time.

Chicken heads . . .

AWWW, so cute snuggle buddies.

Nana & Papa relaxing . . . ..

Mikey from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory . . .

Someone is ready for the beach .

Who is the star??


Today, April 28th, we received a box from Nick's foster family in Taiwan. Before we even opened it we were very touched that they took the time to put it together and send it. Then when we opened it we couldn't get over the time and thoughtfulness that was put into this box. It had Aborigine items like vests, head dress and belts to keep Nick's culture alive. It had some of Nick's mementos like a couple of stuffed animals and a hat as well as a photo album of more pictures of Nick when he was a baby. Ohhh, he was such a cutie pie, and a chunky monkey. We love the box of goodies and so did Nick. He told stories behind allot of the items and it was so sweet to hear what he had to say about his foster family. What a bond they had! We are so blessed to have him and know that he was taken care of so well. Love and hugs to his Foster family!!
All the goodies

Nick and the goodies

Nick dressing in some of his costume! He so cute, anyway we get him!