Monday, July 5, 2010


Nicolas & Lori

As we complete our final homestudy for Nicolas, our friends are preparing to go to Taiwan to experience the same adventure we did one year ago. They are leaving on 7/10 and their Gotcha Day will also be 7/14. We can't wait to celebrate it together next year. So, safe travels MaryBeth & Steve. Can't wait to see the pictures!

On June 26th, we had our final homestudy meeting with our social worker Lori. She is always fun to talk to and so easy to be around. The kids also like her because she is such a people person. The update went well and we are glad to be done. And we are looking forward to our 1st Gotcha Day with Nick. Can you believe we have had him almost a year? Things have truly changed around our house. The biggest change, which we love, is they get along so well . . . . . okay when they want to.

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  1. Wow! One year already. Enjoy! I am tryign to figure out how we will celebrate one year also next week.